Miraculous healing

We are introducing this new page to collect stories and experiences about faith in medicine from medical professionals.  Please share your experiences with the association in a brief email to swoolley@collegiumaesculapium.org and after review they will be posted here.


Dr. Johnnie Cook (submitted Nov. 2017) - In 1999, I had a 4 month old baby boy named Ryan in the hospital. He had seen me in the office and was steadily, slowly getting weaker and sicker. He had gotten to the point he couldn't swallow. Our consultants were unable to find the cause for his sickness. One night, I  prayed fervently for guidance and went to bed. At about 2 am, I awoke with the words in my mind, "The Child has Infant Botulism". Now I'm embarrassed to say that at the time I was familiar with the adult version of botulism commonly received by eating spoiled food.  I'd had some involvement with an older couple both hospitalized after their homemade salsa went bad. But I must have missed learning about the infant version commonly acquired when the clostridium tetani bacteria is aerosolized by nearby construction or less commonly by eating unprocessed honey; Ryan's family lived near a new subdivision going in and the earth moving had caused his infection. I awoke, did a little research, called the resident caring for him and said, "Ryan's got Infant Botulism". She said, "What's that?" To make a long story short, he was transferred to Primary Childrens Hospital where he spent over a month on the ventilator. Just recently, I did Ryan's mission physical, and as I think of his having his life preserved to now serve as an Ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am so grateful for divine intervention and answers to prayer!!