The Collegium Aesculapium is a non-profit organization for practicing and retired LDS physicians and health professionals such as: MDs, DOs, DDS, PharmDs, PhDs, DPMs, residents, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistant and health profession students. This organization functions on an international, national, and local level. Service and education are the heart of Collegium Aesculapium, providing a variety of avenues where clinical knowledge and skills can be freely shared. By giving direct medical attention or providing educational aid, Collegium members look beyond their own practices to experience a deeper vein of compassion.

The international Adopt a Saint scholarship fund--administered by the Perpetual Education Fund-- fosters self-reliance in developing nations by providing financial aid for many Latter-day Saint (LDS) students in those countries. To many members of the Collegium it is the most valuable and beneficial project that the organization sponsors. Though usually needing less than a few hundred dollars, most of these students would be unable to complete their educational goals without this assistance.

In support of international health, Collegium members provide funds for the ongoing purchase of basic nursing kits which are distributed to nurse health specialist missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The kits contain a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, otoscope, and pen light. The kits are utilized by nurses in maintaining the health of full-time missionaries for missions of the church.


President: Richard Gurgel, MD

President-Elect: Richard Gurgel, MD

Past-President: Don Doty, MD

Executive VP: Bruce Woolley, PharmD


For more information, read "The Founding of Collegium Aesculapium" in the 2004 Journal of Collegium Aesculapium.